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Buying Guides in Men's Wear

Often we hear that it is not a challenging task to select the clothes for men because they have few dress styles and colors and do not to be lost in to endless variety of dresses, styles, colors and trends. But if we give a thought to the statement we would actually have the opinion that it rather difficult to select the right kind of men's wear because they have limited options to choose from and finding something new and appealing every time is really difficult. But thanks to the metro sexual trend that have slowly gained the interest in designers and people for men's wear. Men may not have a plenty of dress style to choose from but slight variations and changes are very quite visible in the every year men's collection.

Men's clothing though is basically structured around the pants and shirts but still they can be categorized in to formal wear, business wear, casual wear and athletic/sport wear which are divided on the basis of the occasion they are worn on. Let's look at the classification for the comfort of understanding the styles that fit your wardrobe.

Differnt catogories of men's Wear

Formal Wear:

Formal wear are traditionally been worn on formal social events. Formal wear suits are unquestionably the right clothing for social events like a wedding, formal business parties, garden party or dinner. The typical western style formal wear are stereotyped by colors like black, white and grey and with the exchange of cultural values on the ground of globalization, this style has spread phenomenally across all the countries. In India too this style has remarkably become the style statement of big shots of corporate houses and has become the standard attire for corporate function and award functions..

  • The Tip:

    So when you are choosing the right suite for your wedding or a much awaited business meeting you should certainly take care of few factors. You definitely need to devote efforts to choose the right size, color, fabric and fashion trend. Much depend upon the time and occasion for which you are hunting the dress. Never go for very shiny and fancy suite except you consider yourself to be film stars. Your formal wear expresses your personality and profession. And obviously go for the matching "formal" accessories like shoes, watch, cuff links etc.
  • The Fabric:

    You can choose between tuxedos, fine suits, Gabardine. You can go for waterproof wool, cotton and worsted wool in winter wear for the cozy feeling in winters and autumns. In summers you should go for cool natural fabrics like cotton and different variety of cotton, linen or mixed cotton, seersucker, tropical and lightweight fabrics.
    Don't forget to buy French cuff formal shirts, vests, bowties and cummerbunds to complete your ensemble; if cared for properly, your men's formalwear will last through many occasions.

    Business Wear:

    Business wear are particularly proffered for your day to day office clothing. They are one step down from the formal wear. They include business suits, dress shirts and pants and ties for men. They are complemented with leather shoes and belts. This outfit should be very comfortable and easy to carry and handle.

  • The Tip:

    Certainly you would require many sets of such shirts and pants which you can wear in daily office life. There are some must have piece of clothes in your wardrobe like one white and one black shirt along with well stitched perfectly creased black pant. Now for a varied collection you can a few lines and checks in the closet. The pants should be preferably in dark colors so as to match most of the shirts in your wardrobe so that you can mix and match and get a more vivid choice. You should certainly have a dark tailored standard suite that can be worn on some formal meetings.

    A collection of some ties in different styles would certainly help you to bring more perfection in to your clothing.

  • The fabric:
    Cotton is mostly the preferred fabric for business attires but if you want more easy to carry and durable clothes then you should certainly go for other comfortable fabrics depending on the weather condition. Cotton mixes are ideal fabrics that are easy to wash and are more wrinkle free. The ties are better brought in silk for the luster look. In pants you should see for the fabrics which can be perfectly creased and give you formal look. Other innovative varieties are also in the market like checks and lines in the pants but they are better proffered in self.

    Casual Wear:

    For Indian men casual wear is simply indented as jeans and t-shirts. This is in reality too is the most comfortable casual attire. Your pair of straight fit jeans suits most of the casual events and give you the opportunity to lay back in comfort. Whether you want to hang around with friends or go out for dinner with family or simply enjoy a world cup match in your living room with popcorn. But there are there other attractive and relaxing outfits that will perfectly match your casual mood.

  • The Tip:

    You can acquire a varied collection of different t-shirts like oval, round and polo neck t-shirts. There are other funky t-shirts like slogan t-shirts, Henley's, crewnecks, button-ups and screen-printed, picture t-shirts and many more. So go for a versatile t-shirt collection that shows the never seen part of your personality. You can wear them on jeans and cargos. But keep in mind if the jeans is heavily designed go for a simple and sober t-shirt and if the T-shirt is more fashionable then go for a simple jeans.

  • The Fabric:

    Denim is the fundamental fabric in jeans and t-shirts are crafted in cotton or hosiery cotton to make you feel comfortable. While denims come in different colors like royal blue, indigo blue, sky blue, peacock green, see green, brown, black, grey, and sometimes white. Jeans are also made in heavy cotton twill and cargos in khakis and rugged, roughly twilled cottons.

    Athletic/ Sportswear:

    Specialized sportswear are not very difficult to find out but for easy walking, running or gymming you can easily survive with a track suite or simple lower and t-shirt pair. A few pairs of durable sweat pants will keep you comfortable while your gali cricket game or a more professional office sports meet. Synthetic sportswear is the ideal sportswear in a good quality fabric and elastics. For other sports like tennis, badmintons you can wear Bermudas, shorts and other knee length comfortable sportswear.

  • The Fabric: Sportswear should be basically of cotton or nylon or other synthetic fibers. Natural fabrics are more preferred as they are comfortable and easily soak the sweat and keep you fresh. For daily workout you should have easy to wash sportswear that can be specially purchased according to the season. Do not wear synthetic clothes in humid weather.

    Outerwear/ winter wear:

    Though India is a warm country and winter are normally not a challenge in most parts of India. But north India definitely requires you to feel the chill so be prepared for those 3-4 months of winters. When the temperature drops you should better find a good collection to wear in both formal as well as casual function. For formal function and events you can definitely wear those wool suits, blazers and wool threaded clothes, also can add a formal jacket to the collection.

    For casual events you should go for thick clothes. There are casual t0shirts and shirts specially made for winters. You can surely have sweaters to add style to your personality and there are other leather and woolen jackets that would enhance your appearance and also keep you warm in the cold days. 2-3 scarf and mufflers would add successfully some more colors to the young generation boys. Coats are always a safe option to look smart while saving you from cold.

    Let's look at some general tips which are going to help you to define your style statements while being trendy and wise on pocket while shopping.

    1. Basic rule of thumb is dress for the event keeping in mind the time, people and location.

    2. If you are going to a party and a dress code is already specified then, follow the theme and experiment with your accessories and hairstyles.

    3. Comfort is the topmost priority because an embarrassing moment made out of wearing a pant too tight is always avoidable.

    4. Go for sober colors and comfortable fabrics.

    5. Check your size carefully before finally purchasing the item.

    6. The styles in pants and trousers change frequently, so be aware of the latest fashion trends.

    7. Make sure you have matching accessories to wear with every dress. You can have different sets of wallets, belts and sunglasses to match most of your dresses.