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Sarees- Drape the elegance
Buying Guides in Sarees

Over the years saree has been adding to the beauty of Indian women. The popularity of saree has taken it to the different parts of world. It is traditional costume in India for various festivals and celebrations like wedding. Wedding is the one of the most important occasions that a person goes through in life. To make this enjoyable celebration more especial people go for shopping and women especially turn up for designer sarees when it comes to select dress for wedding celebration. Saree is not just an ethnic wear, it is also considered as highly fashionable and trendy outfit. Designers keep working on various aspect of saree and keep showcasing their work through fashion shows. The legacy of Kanjivaram and Banarsi Sarres is known to all. The versatility that a saree offers makes it a preferred choice for various occasions in different seasons. Some of the variants of saree are silk sarees, chiffon, nylon, cotton, georgette sarees, crape, chinnon, synthetic, terrycot and satin.

If we are planning to buy a saree, we should keep the following points in mind which will help us find the perfect saree that will enhance our beauty.

  • For every woman, looking slim is the topmost priority. Therefore, they should avoid sarees with big prints as they make us look heavier. Further, we should go for Georgette, Chiffon and heavy Mysore Silk sarees. Other than beautiful and elegant look, these fabric sarees will make us look slimmer too.

  • Women of short height should go for sarees with small border or with no border at all. Broad border sarees will make look even shorter and might ruin our entire appearance.

  • Tall women should purchase broad border sarees as they would provide them an elegant and classy look.

  • For woman whose body lacks curves should go for Organza, Cotton and Tissue Sarees. These fabric sarees give a fuller look to thin women.

  • To get a lovely look, dark skin color women should buy sarees with dark colors such as green, maroon & dark pink etc.

  • We should always keep our body type in mind while purchasing silk sarees. Women, who are overweight, Chiffon or Georgette Silk sarees will suit them perfectly. Also heavy Mysore silk sarees are a good option. These fabric sarees enhance our beauty by giving us slimmer look.

  • One should always check the weight of silk saree. The heavier the silk is, the longer our silk sari will last.

  • We should also make sure we are purchasing a pure silk saree as it lasts long and gives an elegant look to its wearer. To check the purity of silk, we should take few threads and burn them if it leaves a black powdery residue and an unpleasant smell behind, it is pure.

  • If we are planning to get a silk saree having zari work over it, we should make sure the zari is pure. Otherwise, it loses its sheen and turns black, ruining the entire look of saree. Also, it is advisable not to go for gold zari as "pure gold" zari doesn't exist. It is basically gold coated silver wire which has silk thread in its core.