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Buying Guides in Camcorders

The falling prices and the advancing technology have extraordinarily made it possible for you to possess a camcorder for the precious moments you always wanted to capture. Weather it was the first time your baby started to walk or the marriage of your elder brother or birthday party of your best friend, you always want to still the moments and a digital camera would probably not assist you to shoot the desired quality video. Camcorders have always been the first choice for such wishes and the technological advancements have made it so easy for anyone to shoot professional quality videos that are timeless.

However when you go for shopping a camcorder its not as easy as shooting a video, as the plethora of new age camcorders will leave you amazed. Confused by the number of choices, you should certainly look for following details in order to be completely confident about your decision.

New age camcorders are basically of two types in terms of storage-Flash & Hard Disk based. Flash memory based camcorders supports 16GB storage space and hard disk based camcorders offer banging 240GB storage capacity. Let's look glance at some of the basic but vital features of a camcorder that you must find.

How often would you use it?

Before you think of buying any sort of camcorder first give a thought to your lifestyle. Are you prone to catch every interesting moment so carrying a camcorder all the time is your basic requirement or you are occasional user? Are you adventurous to shoot underwater or you want to share your videos on you YouTube? Are you a beginner or you a through professional? There may thousand such questions which are very important to consider while you purchase.

  • You should watch for a rugged and tough waterproof camcorder for your adventure trips

  • Web friendly camcorder will make it easy for you to share your videos with friends and family.

  • You can look for an easy to operate camcorder or a highly professional version of camcorder.

    What are the Options?

    When you have decided about you priorities, you can you can start looking at different options so suit your requirements. There are literally infinite choices available in the market but you got to sort after your kind of a camcorder. Storage capacity is a major differentiator, you can also choose between a digital and an analog camcorder. An analog camcorder will be able to attach to your older video players, while a digital camcorder is more dynamic as it can hook up to you latest DVD players, PC and LCD TVs.

    Let's Understand Camcorder Vocabulary

    Every electronic item has its own set of vocabulary that is a set of terms which are specifically used to define the electronic item's features and working. To understand Camcorders vocabulary you should go through the camcorder glossary to make sure you understand some of the packaging terms. Lets go through some terms to get an understanding of the important features of a camcorder.

    Media Format

    Media format is basically the type of memory the camcorder uses to store the videos. Most of the new age camcorders use flash and hard disk memory. The type of media format affects other features like size, weight, performance, battery life, compatibility etc. Standard definition and HD camcorders can record to hard disk drives, flash memory cards and built-in flash memory. A flash memory based camcorder will provide more internal memory and will be lighter and smaller than the hard disk drive-based camcorder that uses a hard drive to be installed in the camcorder.


    "Resolution is the image created as a result of the number of pixels or dots used."A camcorder with a standard resolution provides reasonably good quality image and a high definition resolution gives you enhanced superior quality sharp images. So a higher sensor resolution camcorder will deliver a better video output. HD camcorder will surely complement your HD TV with a CRT TV plus feature. There can be a slight price difference in the price of both standard and HD camcorder, HD camcorder being more expensive.

    Storage capacity

    An expandable storage capacity will enable you to shoot unlimited videos and most of the camcorders nowadays support memory card slots. So make sure that your camcorder comes with SDHC (memory card) expansion slot.

    Optical zoom

    "Optical zoom lenses physically extend to magnify your picture." A motor controls the lens movement to either magnify the subject or reduce it in size. Optical zoom allows you to capture minute details by zoom in without compromising on the picture quality

    Digital Zoom

    Digital zoom crops the image by focusing on the wanted area of picture and make it bigger by making up the pixels to add to the image. This may not give you satisfactory result.

    Image Stabilization

    Image stabilization is very useful feature especially for long zoom images that reduces the effects of shaky hands while shooting a video, to produce stable result. Optical image stabilization delivers more effective result and a jitter-free video at full zoom than the electronic image stabilizer.

    Audio Recording

    Audio quality matters a lot for a clear, crisp and fantastic video. There are many advanced camcorders that allow you to shoot your video on surround sound mode. Higher-end camcorders can even record in the most advanced Dolby Digital 5.1.

    Other general factors to consider

    Ease of Use

    You would be able to utilize your camcorder to the maximum only if you are able to use all the features of it. An ease of use will make a very big difference if you intend to shoot for long videos. The controls should be easy to understand and maneuver and preferably be placed smartly in the reach of the fingers providing you the right hold on the camera as well as on the controls. A light weight camcorder will be comfortable for the grip and hold for long durations.

    Design and the Build

    The camcorder should be intelligently designed, build and packaged perfectly so as to make it more convenient and stay for years. The construction and the firmness of parts should be crisp and clean. User functionality should be the key factor.

    LCD Screen quality and size

    A decent size screen is important that should be visible even under the sun and low light areas. Bright display with good quality image is required.

    User/ Expert Reviews Really Help

    Go through various reviews of the products which are available in the market. Reviews will really give you the insight to understand the value and performance ratings of the camcorders.