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Corded Phones- The real bond
Buying Guides in Telephones

With all the emphasis on cordless and cellular technology, we would think that corded phones wouldn't have a lot to offer today's sophisticated consumers, but this is hardly the case. Corded phones still have a great deal to offer and can be an excellent value for those in need of a telephone. Most offices use corded phones because employees spend most of their time at a desk and because corded phones are such a great value. It's also much easier to fit additional controls on a corded telephone console than on a cordless handset. Single and multi-line corded phones are the mainstay of the home office and small business market. This is because they provide access to 1, 2 or 4 lines easily and inexpensively. There are many advantages to owning a corded telephone. First, corded phones have better sound quality than most cordless phones. They weigh and cost less. Corded phones are low-maintenance. Corded phones have no battery to run out during the middle of a conversation and no one can monitor your calls while using a corded telephone. A corded phone won't pick up annoying wireless interference, either. Also, if we experience a power failure or lightning strike, we will be unable to use an AC-operated cordless phone. We can, however, switch to our corded telephone and continue our conversation.

A few things to consider when shopping for a corded phone:

  • Shape and size- Is the phone comfortable in our hand? Will it be comfortable pressed up to our ear during a long conversation?

  • Adjustable ringer- Some phones ring too loudly or not loudly enough. An adjustable ringer can assist in setting the ringer at an acceptable volume.

  • Sound quality- We should make sure that the phone sounds good on both ends of the conversation.

  • Cradle- The phone should rest firmly in the cradle when not in use.
Some models offer other advanced features such as flash key, speakerphone or two-line operation.
Most corded telephones remain very affordable. Of course, as a model's quality and features increase, so will its price.