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Women Footwear- Add style to your personality
Buying Guides in Women's Footwear

Shopping is always a delight for every women and shopping for footwear is perhaps the most favorite part of the whole shopping. It's so much of fun and exciting that, no women need any reason to shop a pair of beautiful shoes or sandals. There is so much to choose from, plenty of styles, colors, fabrics and materials. Though there is everything for any occasion, season, lifestyle and personalities. No shoe fits all the specified conditions, so you got to choose from dazzling varieties of colors, length of heels, styles of shoes and price bands.

Doesn't matter whichever pair of shoes you buy, what matters is that it should fits you the best and gives you the proper support for the feet, flexibility for movement, cushioning and off-course a great look.

There is endless varieties in the different styles of women footwear's that men often envy, this is immaculate that you have got a lot of option but choosing just one pair of shoes from sling-backs, ankle boots, pumps, thing sandals, loafers, flip flops, sneakers, high boots, moccasins, slip-ons, wedge heeled sandals, gladiators, stilettos, ballet flats, and many more is a daunting task. You would definitely wish to get god sent sack, full of money to buy them all Styles differ by comfort levels and aesthetics. For office wear, a pair of subtle, elegant pumps serves the best. For party and special occasions, sling-backs, stilettos, and wedge heeled sandals are the best options. Moccasins, sneakers, flip flop, and thong sandals go well with casual wear.

Let's go through different styles of shoes to SELECT your type.

Women's Shoe Styles:

  • Boots:

    Boots are the shoes which cover most part of your feet, mostly ankle covering and sometimes extended till knees. They give you probably the flattering looks, may cut off feet when new. If you want to buy them, look for the comfort first. They help you appear taller and go well with skirts and jeans. So women with heavy ankle and calves should wear them for to look in shape. These shoes basically meant for protection purpose are available in many varieties like cowboy boots, work boots, hiking boots, motorcycle boots, and snow boots. You can find them in other fashion styles as platform-heel boots, pointed-toe, and pensile-heel boots.

  • Heels, pumps and wedges:

    heels footwear are purposefully designed to add some extra inches to the height of women but slowly they have inherited in DNA of fashion footwear. A pair of shoes in high heels is a must of any women's wardrobe. Though they are not very healthy for your feet but avoiding heels is not at all possible for any women. Sling back, Stiletto, peep-toe, open-toe, T-strap and many more. Thin heels like pensile heels are the most are flattering, however, the thicker the heel, the more comfortable you will feel wearing them. Short women should wear a heel less than 4 inches and large feet women should avoid very pointy heel shoes. Pumps are low cut shoes without ties and the fittest for large feet with oval-shaped toes or square toes that are very comfortable.

  • Flats: Flats are the most comfortable shoes that go well with narrow pants or cropped pants, with short skirts or long skirts. Flats generally have no heels or a very low negligible heel or a thick flat sole. These are perfect for the ladies who walk a lot.

  • Sandals:

    There are two types of sandals- formal and casual. Sandals typically show more skin on your feet, do not cover feet and make your legs look longer. Casual sandals, like flip-flops, are very comfortable and a must for the wardrobe. The open-air style and gives you feet the room to breathe give an exotic flair to the outfits. Strappy sandals are best suited for formal occasion and strap less sandals are very flexible to be worn in any casual get together.

  • Oxfords and loafers:

    These are basically menswear inspired shoes that are very popular among working women and young girls. They give you both the formal and trendy aesthetics. They give you classic look and you can pair them with pants, skirts and other masculine wears. Loafers are slip-ons that are made of leather and a one piece sole. Oxford on the other hand is lacy footwear. They give you stylish formal look.

  • Athletic and athletic-inspired shoes:

    There are variety of sports shoes that may be activity specialist or general walking and running shoes. Sneakers also come in to this category which is quite popular in the young generation. Sports shoes of good brand will protect you from the unfortunate injuries.

    Factors to be considered while purchasing

  • Comfort: This is the most important factor to be considered so as to avoid a regretful purchase. If you are buying heels then carefully see that the heel perfectly complements your height and is also comfortable to carry. Wide heel is more comfortable then the thin heel. The shoes material should also be flexible. Buy not to large not too small shoes, look for a perfect fit.

  • Class: There are some fabrics and colors which give you classic look like leather, velvet and animal skins, black, white and brown colors. You should definitely have one classic footwear of your choice.