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Men Footwear- Add glory to the personality
Buying Guides in Men's Footwear

Footwear though basically is meant to protect you feet, but they have now evolved a great deal. Footwear continued to be simple and basic until some wealthy and powerful people appointed their private cobblers to design specific shoes for them and their family members. Later wealthy clients continued the demand for unique shoes and eventually shoes became status symbol. So gradually with continuous developments and innovation, novel shoe styles came in to existent. Different styles of shoes have been and are still in developments process because they are fit to wear on different occasion, time, weather and clothing. First of all before going to shopping, you should decide the "specific requirements" behind the intension of the purchase.

Today with the advancements in shoe making technology, improvements in adhesives, the shoe materials (rubber and plastic), and shoemaking has revolutionized. Now the fashion changes at eye-popping speed, giving you exceptionally wide range to select from. There are good quality pair of shoes available in few thousand bucks and there are handmade, Italian shoes costing lacks.

Shoes for AM/PM

There is great quote that perfectly lays the emphasis on choosing the right shoes.
"The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that fits all cases"

No shoe will be suitable for all occasions of life. Some would fit for the very important job interview, some for your casual meetings with collogues, some for the much awaited rainy picnic, some for your wedding and so on. Formal occasion are best attended in dress shoes and there are other occasion specific shoes. So better you maintain good collection which provides you a wonderful outlet to complement an outfit and expression of personality.

So let's check out the details to be considered while the purchase of a pair of shoes.
A simple classification would help you to complete your wardrobe.

The Dress Shoe - Formal shoes for Dressy Occasions

Even if you are not a corporate person there are always some formal function and events wherein you better dress up in your classy formal/dressy shoes. These sharp, clean and shining shoes will present you as a detailed person. Any of the lace up or slip-on shoes can work with a shiny finish and cleanly crafted looks. For your suit choose a pair of shoe that match the color with the suit. The pair of shoe should be slim, with less bulky heels and soul.

Color match with shoes

Black shoes-go well with navy, grey and black pants
Brown shoes -go well with tan, brown, beige, greens, earth tones
Burgundy shoes- go well with khaki, lighter browns, blue and grey.
Tan shoes look great with lighter earth tones, blue, beige, lighter tan or white

Casual Versatile Shoes

Casual shoes go well with your rugged jeans, Dockers, chinos and khakis in wide range of stylish to sturdy. These shoes are very comfortable and durable. They match any casual function and don't require a very minutely defined dressing. Boots, oxfords and loafers are these multipurpose shoes.

All-Purpose Sneakers/Sports shoes - Comfortable & Casual

They are the most comfortable and casual shoes that may be specifically chosen if you are an athlete, or may be stylish if you college goers or an occasional sportsperson. These are essential for every man's wardrobe and these are general purpose relaxing feet covers.

You may be a person who just want a pair of comfortable shoes or a person obsessed with shoes and want to have an extensive collection of shoes, you definitely must be aware of some basic styles of shoes, even if you do not wish to buy each one of it.

Men's Dress Shoes:

1. Oxfords: An Oxford style of shoe is a shoe with enclosed lacing which is traditionally constructed of leather, and looks plain and simple. You can easily wear with suits and formal attires. Look for simple, sleek and less bulky shoes with thin soles. Black and brown are fundamental oxford colors.

2. Loafers: These are Slip-ons, lace-less shoes, most common style which is known as a loafer in American culture, has a moccasin, simple and roomy construction. The slip-on style notably defines them for their comfort. The shoe's construction tends to be simple and 'roomy'. They naturally gel up with dress pants, business suits, sport coats and sweaters.

3. Boots: Boots cover simply the foot and the ankle and extends up to the leg and in the extended style sometimes as far as the knee. Most boots have a clearly distinguishable heel from the sole. These boots work well when the weather is cold and wet.

Men's Casual Shoes:

1. Slip-ons: Slip-on shoes are the quickest to wear and the most comfortable. They give casual look. These can vary widely in their material and style like sporty canvas shoes, clogs or elegant leather shoes.

2. Athletic/ Sports: These are basically typical sports shoes which can be simple walking or running shoes. There are other spots specific athletic shoes that are particularly designed to suit the nature of the sports you are in.

3. Sandals: These are hot and happening footwear for those humid summers. Flip-flops are the most popular form and great to have around. They are easy to wear and carry and comfortable..

4. Boots: The boots you wear on casual days include a variety of styles, each with a specific purpose: rain boots, snow boots, work boots, western boots and hiking boots. Stock up on the boots that are right for your climate and your activities.

Now you know all the information about shoes but actual shopping seriously requires you to apply some other precisions while the purchase in order to save you from a regretful purchase.

  • Fit and Sizing We all think that this is the easiest task to find out the sight size. And most of the times we completely handover this task to the salesman but it is you not the salesperson who has to wear the shoes. Also the standards are different to measure the sizes in different countries, so pay a enormous attention while buying a pair of shoes online. So see carefully that the size matches and fits you perfectly width and arch wise.

  • Measure your feet late in the day- Your feet tend to be large in the evening in comparison to morning so its just a useful point to keep in mind that a fit in the evening will surely accommodate your feet in the morning but a fit in the morning will probably be tight in the evening troubling your feet. So wear socks and try wearing shoes in the evening.


  • You will find attractive deals on shoes on online portals so look for an attractive deal.
  • Go window shopping for shoes in your favorite brand stores.
  • You should compare online and also look at the different angles and enlarged images of the shoes.
  • Customer reviews will be helpful to get a genuine feedback on the product.
  • Try matching your formal shoes color with you suite.