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Buying Guides in Cooktops

Cooking is no more a messy hassle like it used to be during our grandma's time. As more and more and more women are opting for a career outside home, cooking is becoming a super fast, no mess affair as they don't have much time to spend in the kitchen. Along with that more and more people are opting for open kitchens in modern space savvy apartment flats. So, you need to keep your kitchen as clean and chic as rest of your home. This has resulted in modular kitchen and electric appliances replacing the conventional kitchens which used to be a private, cornered space for the ladies of the family. Electric appliances are space and time savvy, produce no smoke and adour and give a sleek, clean look to the kitchen. Hence, electric cooker and kettles are slowly occupying a place in your households. The fact that a bulky-looking gas cylinder or a pipe-line is not connected to the cooker is itself a smart and flexible option.

Types of electric cookers
Electric cookers are mainly of two types: built-in cookers and free-standing cookers. A built-in cooker will fit into your kitchen module and hence doesn't require extra space. For a free-standing cooker you will have to have sufficient space in the kitchen. A free-standing cooker can be a standard one or a range style one. A range-style oven is larger in size, has more cooking capacity or can have both special burners and hot-plates. They have more features than a standard one.

They can be subdivided according to the oven type- it can be a conventional oven or a fan-assisted or convection oven. In a conventional oven the thermostat controls the heat in the middle and the centre of the oven is hotter than the rest. Convection oven uses a fan to circulate the heating element around the oven so that the food is cooked evenly. The fan heats the oven fast, cooks food faster and saves energy.

Features to look for in an electric cooker
You have a plenty of brands offering electric cookers and kettles in the market and online stores. You need to consider your requirements and convenience before you buy one for your kitchen.

The key features that these electrical cookers offer can be grouped under following heads
you should buy your cooker according to the space available in your kitchen so that the cooker doesn't occupy one forth of your kitchen.

Oven type
a fan type oven is more efficient as it cooks faster and also in low temperature and provides even cooking. If you cook for more people, you can even have a double-cooker that gives both the option along with a separate grill.

Hob type
on an electric cooker there are mainly two types of hobs: hotplates and ceramic hobs. Hotplates can be of three types- radiant rings, sealed plated and halogen. Radiant rings are coiled metal, sealed plates are thin iron discs covering the heating element and halogen rings are same as radiant rings with a better heat control. Ceramic hobs consist of a heat resistant glass that covers the halogen, semi-halogen or radiant heating element.

Energy efficiency
The electric cooker should come with an energy label that that shows accurate energy consumption and efficiency.

Top and bottom heating feature
This is a feature that helps you to cook food that needs slow cooking or fast high temperature cooking.

You choose a product that gives good warranty and after sale service so that you get good value for the money you spend.

Stylistic features
You can choose your cooker according to the style and settings of your kitchen.

Before you buy an electric kettle
An electric kettle gives you the flexibility to boil your water without watching it and much faster than a stove top kettle. Some of the models also come with some extra features like slow cooking, for eg.soup, egg boiling, warming milk etc.

You should consider a number of features to get the best buy
  • It should have the capacity of at least 1 ½ liter for home use.
  • It should have a high wattage so that it can boil fast an adjustable heating is a good option.
  • It should have auto shut-off feature to protect it from dry burning.
  • Concealed element will disperse heat evenly, protect the kettle and give you clean water.
  • Try to find a casing that remains cool inspite of the power and heat so that you are protected from burning your hands.
  • Warranty is very important for good after sale service.
  • You should be ready to pay a little more so that you can get a good casing, high wattage and good capacity.

    The bottom line
    An electric cooker has many advantages as it has more specified features than a gas cooker. You do not always have to be on guard while cooking. Multitasking becomes easier with an electric cooker. A gas oven is also very convenient as it gives proper moist cooking and is safe.

    But, the amount of carbon emission is much higher in electric cooker. Nowadays you can even get electric cookers that use renewable energy. Similarly, an electric kettle is very convenient as it prevents over boiling and you can even carry it while traveling, making it very convenient for your tea, coffee and baby food and milk. These are smart products that are making our life easy saving time. If you opt for a stylish, fast paced cooking you can surely choose a right cooker and kettle to suite your needs.