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Emergency Lights- A ray of hope in dark
Buying Guides in Emergency Lights

Emergency lights are a new age piece of smart engineering that save you when you run out of any other power supply at night. Emergency light is basically to assist you in dark so they solve the basic purpose of providing you light to survive in the tough night. They generally comes in the scene to rescue you when you have a sudden power cut, or your car breaks down on a vacant road or mostly in the commercial buildings and industrial area.
What is the vital use of the Emergency Light?
An emergency light is a must safety measure in the commercial buildings as per the standards. So keeping the safety concern in mind you should always keep arranged a utilitarian emergency light. Emergency lights should be desperate compulsion in any building in order to restore a string of normality after an unexpected incident occurs. They should be found suspended over doorways, exit points or in stairwells.

They are also imperative to be used in ambulances and police cars as a signal of urgency to warn others of their presence. Emergency vehicle lights are very popular and are specially used in vehicles for accidental mis-happenings.

Emergency Lights are used as universal warning signals.

Understanding the construction of an Emergency Light

An emergency light is quick solution in a situation of power failure which is a battery operating lightening device. Most of the emergency lights consist of one or more incandescent bulbs or one or more LED that emit high-intensity light. All the units use a reflector coat to center and strengthen the intensity of the light. These units are designed to be compact, portable and handy to assist you in the tricky situation when you do not have any other source of light.

While buying emergency light, you should select a correct facilitator that ensures supporting you in your bad times when no other light is present.

Important features to Look in an Emergency Light

  • Operating Time: Most of the new age emergency light will easily assure you to give a continuous light supply from 8-10 hours. They also give you the option to use one of the bulb or tube to save on battery. You can also rely upon the backup sources like replaceable batteries.

  • Tube light/Bulb-Single and Double as per requirement of light: As already guided you above that these emergency light may feature the facility to give you the freedom to use the source of light as per your requirement.

  • Low power consumption: New technological developments have really advanced the battery life of these life savers.

  • Focus lamp for distant objects: Some emergency lights may also be equipped with the focus laps that will increase the usability of the overall unit.

  • Clock: Some innovative emergency lights even come with digital clocks to update you on the time.

  • Alarm: These lights are a multipurpose unit that can also be used on the place of your alarm clock.

  • Battery position Indicator:battery indicator continuously keep you aware of the battery position.

  • Additional battery fixing port : battery backups can be easily used by battery fixing ports to use the emergency lights for extended hours.

  • Auto charging Compact Rechargeable Light: These are rechargeable emergency lights that automatically turn on during power failure. They come with wall hanging function and built in power cord/plug to take power from wall outlet.

  • Overcharge/Over discharge protection: Automatically turn off/on in case od overcharge and over discharge so that you can any time use them without worrying about the battery life.

  • Cost effective: These are many choices for this feature, but cost effective lights generally are most expensive.

  • LED lights: LED light are the latest model of emergency lights which are powerful, reliable and hardwearing.