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Netbooks are small portable computing devices that are quite similar to notebooks. Nevertheless, they flaunt a smaller form factor and packs more limited features. What makes a netbook different from a notebook is its small and compact corpse and computing power. Netbooks are powered with less processing power but are still appropriate for connecting to the internet wirelessly for running a Web browser; word processing, and more.

The petite construction and low weight makes netbooks incredibly portable. They are easy to carry no matter wherever you go. They typically feature a small display screen that can range from 7 to 10 inches. Moreover, they holds keyboard that is 75 to 80 percent compressed when compared to a typical keyboard.

Apart from all these, Netbooks comes loaded with a bounty of connectivity options including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB ports and slots for microSD cards. And since they are small and compact in size, netbooks do not include a CD or DVD drive, they mostly use solid-state disks (SSD) for storage purposes.

Overall Netbooks are nothing but a smaller version of Notebooks that compromises with certain features like the optical drive, sports smaller screens and keyboards and offers reduced computing power when compared to a full-sized laptop. As a consequence they are cheaper than notebooks.

Netbooks were initially targeted for an education market and towards consumers who were looking for a second computer, but netbooks are gaining a broader consumer base now. Those with tight budget highly prefer them over full sized laptops.