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Scoring the Perfect Shot! Range of Cricket Bats!

Just like the game of Cricket has evolved over the years, so has its playing kit. Cricket bats have seen progress in the past years and developed into better and brighter equipment with more features and designs. The latest designs comprise of a v-shaped ridge and the old short face design has been replaced by the paddle shaped flat face design. Each batsman identifies their potency and capabilities and tries to decide the cricket bat that will help them attain their top potential.

The diverse Types of Bats:

For some players, particularly those who play on the rise, a cricket bat with an archetypal contour and one that is frivolous could be the best choice. Other players, who like to lean forward while they bat, should use cricket bats that have long and low middles. Some of these bats are designed with scoops on the overturn and these help augment the bat's performance.

There are also cricket bats particularly designed for the top performing batsmen. These bats are crafted with contoured blades to enhance the sweet spot and lightweight for excellent balance. And for the players who hit big, there are cricket bat styles with larger sweet spots and bowed blades, but they are on the heavier side.

The Perfect Range at Naaptol.com

Naaptol.com endows its cricket enthusiast customers with an amazing range of cricket bats. Coming under various designs and price ranges, you can choose for personal or professional use and get them into practice with excellence. They are built with the finest materials and are highly durable fulfilling all your cricket needs.